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Business Launch:

Spotless Ad#1:  "Dear Spotless Clean Team" series

Spotless Professional Home Cleaning was launched in 2012.  The Perfectionists collaborated with the business owner and created a successful business launch. The objective was to launch business and grow the client base.


What we brought to the table:

We named the business

Created the slogan "If it's not Spotless, it's not CLEAN!"
Created company logo

Built company website:

Created TV and onlnine video advertisements

Created and procured cable TV advertising schedule

Created business cards

Created a number of community awareness campaigns

Created and procured company shirts

Created and procured car magnets for company vehicles


Spotless Ad#2:  "Dear Spotless Clean Team" series

An excerpt from

Spotless Ad#3:  "Audrey n' Waffles"

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